Jurajska natural mineral water is excavated at 115 m from a deep-seated deposit of Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, from Jurajska borehole in Postęp. Impermeable layers of loams and dolomites protect the deposits from external pollution. The water is originally pure thanks to the process of filtration through rock deposits which lasted 200 million years and it is saturated with many mineral ingredients beneficial to health.

Jurajska belongs to moderately mineralised waters of low-sodium content and is at the same time characterised by high taste values, thanks to which it can be consumed without limitations at all ages. The process of excavation and bottling meets the highest quality standards, guaranteeing crystal clear water and compliance with sanitary and health norms. The first contact with Jurajska natural mineral water is upon opening the bottle which guarantees its perfect purity.


The area between Kraków and Wieluń offers a picturesque landscape of white limestone rocks and hills overgrown with beautiful forests – Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska). The charming fields and meadows have rocky outliers on which castles were built at the times of Casimirus the Great to protect the Kingdom of Poland from invasions coming from Silesia. The medieval fortresses were called “Eagle’s Nests”, because they were constructed to resemble the birds’ nests – on poorly accessible rocks.

The most famous fortresses that are often visited by tourists include castles in Pieskowa Skała, Ogrodzieniec, Będzin, Ojców and Korzkiew. Jurajska natural mineral water comes from this ecologically pure area.


Jurajska is a natural mineral water – moderately mineralised, low-sodium. The balanced composition of the water includes ions of calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, sulphates, iron, fluorides, iodides and bicarbonates and decides on its high taste values. Jurajska is suitable for everyday consumption for everyone regardless of age.


Total mineralisation: 515 mg /l
Cations:   mgl/l Anions   mg/l
calcium Ca2+ 66.9 bicarbonate HCO3- 342.0
magnesium Mg2+ 32.0 sulphate SO42- 37.3
sodium Na+ 9.5 chloride CI- 7.5
potassium K+ 3.0 fluoride F- 0.3
Total mineralisation: 515 mg /l
Cations:   mgl/l
calcium Ca2+ 66.9
magnesium Mg2+ 32.0
sodium Na+ 9.5
potassium K+ 3.0
Anions   mg/l
bicarbonate HCO3- 342.0
sulphate SO42- 37.3
chloride CI- 7.5
fluoride F- 0.3