Good childhood habits pay off all life long – teach your children what is good for them!

Parents play a crucial role in handing down rules for good nutrition and hydration to their children. Natural mineral water is the healthiest thing you can give to a child.

The safety and clarity of Jurajska water guarantees healthy hydration when your child is playing.

Leading partner of the initiative is „Jurajska”.

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During physical activity, you need to replenish fluids on a regular basis and it is best to drink mineral water. Appropriate hydration provides comfortable training and protects from mineral deficiency. It is worth remembering that physical effort increases the body’s needs. Water needs to be replenished successively as thirst is one of the symptoms of dehydration, which might be accompanied by weakness. When exercising, you should drink every 20–30 minutes and it’s best to drink water (drinks for sportsmen are sweetened!).

We love sport at “Jurajska” and we are particularly fans of volleyball. Therefore, we support men and women national teams and Jurajska natural mineral water is the Official Water of Polish Volleyball.


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